Floor Plan, Main Level

The main hall has numerious benefits for the parishioners of St Williams Catholic church.

  1. The main hall will allow us to hold 250 people in a banquet setting or special church service.  New audio/video equipment will be present to allow for additional events to take place which is not available at the current facilities.
  2. A large stage will now allow for plays and other events.
  3. The main hall will have over 504 sq feet of high energy windows for natural lighting.
  4. Our educational space will almost triple. There will be a total of 11 large classrooms.   Half of these rooms will be connected via retractable wall to allow certain rooms to double in size for as needed.
  5. A dedicated workroom for the teachers and ample storage.
  6. A toddler and nursery room will now be in the same building as where our events are held.  These rooms will  be connected with a private restroom, individual sinks for each room, and the ability to keep childen seperated based off of age/development.
  7. One of the education rooms will have additional Audio/Video resources to serve as a business meeting room. 
  8. A enlarged kitchen will duel stoves, duel sinks, duel refigerators, enlarged center island, and over 27 feet of cabinet space for banquet food placement.
  9. A dedicated storage room will allow for easy access to store all of the folding chairs/tables, audio/video equipment (for the main hall), and misc storage for the entire facility.