Fresh Food Distribution

Fresh Food Distribution - Tuesday, June 2, @ 10:00 am
Letter From Marilyn Hitchcock

St. William will receive 500 boxes, approximately 20 pounds each, of fresh produce from Go Fresh,
coordinated by Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma, from Farmers to Families, on Tuesday, June 09
at 10:00 am. This is a touchless, paperless (no sign in) food distribution but all volunteers will wear
masks. Gloves are recommended if directly contacting the food or the public. We will use the SOSU
parking lots to keep traffic constantly flowing and congestion on all adjoining streets at a minimum, to
the best of our ability. Each car will be given a box for each family and are eligible for multiple families.
Each car will be assigned the number of boxes before they enter the loading area. Ideally, we will have
three safe loading areas. As the cars approach the three loading areas, they will be given their numbers,
which will be marked on the windshield by a washable marker.

For safety and to avoid congestion, Cars will enter the site from 7 th street entering the southeast SOSU
parking lot entrance, turning north, looping, and following into the west SOSU parking lot, before driving
up to the three loading areas. Cars will exit onto 8 th street through the north west parking lot exit, going
west down Waco or south, down Eighth Street, past St. William. The truck will be parked just inside the
west SOSU parking lot, directly across the street from the New Hall, under the trees.

A Volunteer station will be at the site with t-shirts, orange vests, assignments, paperwork, hand
sanitizer, water, and information. PLEASE bring masks for yourselves. Restrooms will be accessible in
the hall. Volunteers are also eligible for the food boxes and will receive them at the end of the
We still need volunteers to work in the unloading and loading area. The Diocese has assured us that the
truck will be easy to unload without forklifts or pallet jacks, but we will need to “hand the boxes down”
from the truck. Luckily, the forecast is for good weather.

1)  If you are planning to volunteer in this food distribution endeavor, Father Carl and Marilyn would appreciate your attending a meeting at                                                  10 a.m., Monday, June 8th to prepare the site for Tuesday and be instructed on specifics.

2)  Volunteers must arrive at the new parish hall parking lot BY 9 a.m.,Tuesday, June sign liability waiver forms.  Bring an orange vest if you have one.  If you don't have one, please call Marilyn.

3)  A sack lunch is being provided after noon Mass on Tuesday.   Contact Fr. Carl @ 580-924-1989 if you will be staying.

Father Carl has offered to make sandwiches for everyone’s lunch, following noon Mass with Deacon
Erick Bell, from Catholic Charities. Please contact him to offer assistance.

Please contact Father Carl or me for any suggestions, to volunteer at the site or to volunteer to supply
any of the needs above, especially orange vests, that are normally worn for hunting or handcarts.
Marilyn Hitchcock  580-920-4655
Father Carl Kerkemeyer 580-924-1989