Villa Santa Luz Auction!

St. Williams Catholic Church is having an auction for a trip to Villa Santa Luz! Check out these beautiful pictures below.
All proceeds will go to the Parish.

  • Airfare not included
  • Sleeps 18
  • 5 King Suites
  • 1 Queen Suite
  • 1 Bunk Room for Six
  • Holidays - Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving Not available

Bidding starts at $3,500.00 and ends June 1st.
If you would like to place a bid, comment below & text your name and bid to 580-920-4655 or 580-524-1989.

Highest Bid will be posted here every Monday until bidding ends on June 1st!
04/18/2019 - $5,000.00

For your own privacy and safety, please do NOT share any contact or payment information in the comment section.

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