Current Events

June 17, 2021, 12:00 PM

Monthly food distribution is suspended.
Due to the relatively small number of 2021 recipients for monthly food distribution, this ministry is suspended.  Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma, Orschlen's, Hands of Hope, parishioner, and community donated food and funds are being directed to stock the eight blessing boxes in Durant.  Thanks to all who made the June 2020-May 2021 drive-up and walk-up food distribution a huge success.

Center of Family Love Gala Saturday June 19, 2021, at 7:00 PM
This Saturday evening you are invited to share in the 40th anniversary celebration of the Center of Family Love Gala at St. William, Durant or wherever you might happen to be.  See the link provided by Mr. Garth Christian.  If you intend to come to St. William to participate, please contact Fr. Carl (fr.carl.kerekemeyer@dioceseoftulsa or 580-924-1989 or in person) to let me know in advance how many are expected in order to determine an appropriate location to host the gathering.  A potluck meal is suggested.

Following is information for people to get online for the Center of Family Love Gala
To access the Center of Family Love website: 

The website is where they register for the GALA. Participants will need to put in a credit card number - - - nothing will be charged to the credit card, except for purchases at the GALA. 

After registering, participants will receive an email with an invitation to the GALA.  Once registered, participants qualify for an opportunity to win $1,000.00!!!

Presently, you can go to the website and buy stuff from the GALA or donate to the GALA. This part of the GALA is open starting Monday, June 14th.

Education Building, Living the Faith Everyday, and EPIC
Dear St. Patrick, Atoka & St. William, Durant parishioners,
     It's been quite a while since I last wrote to you.  This does not indicate a lack of parish activity, but just the opposite.  It's been busy and people are returning to worship in person.  Parish celebrations of Pentecost Sunday, Holy Trinity Sunday, First Friday, First Saturday, Convocation of priests with Bishop, Corpus Christi Sunday, Sacred Heart, Immaculate Heart, funeral, baptism, birthday, meetings, prayers, adoration, liturgies, etc. are unfolding before our eyes.  Two home-made videos and a podcast are provided for your information, formation, and transformation.

Religious Education

Sunday to Every Day and All Day Catholics podcast beginning at 26 minutes 


-Rev. Carl Kerkemeyer