Meet Father Carl

Effective August 2019 Bishop David Konderla appointed me, Rev. Carl Kerkemeyer, as Pastor for St. Patrick, Atoka and St. Wiliam, Durant Parishes.  In addition to parish life are MacAlford prison and SOSU campus ministries within Atoka and Bryan Counties.  As a seminarian during the later 1990's, I enjoyed a summer in Durant.  Two decades plus later I'm glad to be back and living among an expanding community with families of growing children, area employment, and community enhancements.  

What an experience we have had with the pandemic.  The ecumenical, volunteer, humanitarian USDA Farmers to Families food box program was a beautiful manifestation of community family cooperation.  I'm excited by our U.S. bishops' three year plan to set us ablaze with Eucharistic revival.  I pray that many take advantage of this evangelization and rejuvenation.